xbox 360 game download question?


Question by jorge: xbox 360 game download question?
ok so I was wondering if I download a game on xbox A and then recover the account on xbox B, can I download the game again so it would be on Xbox B?

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Answer by Robo Gero
yes you can and its free :)

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Cool Game Girls of Day


Daily game girls image:

Booth-babes of Games Territory 2008

Image by Sergey Galyonkin

Sweet Dreams

Image by k.h y o
Hina Ice Hands as Catherine (Atlus)

can you download games from limewire?


Question by i play soccer: can you download games from limewire?
does any one know if i can download games from lime wire and if so is there chance of viruses in it?

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Answer by Ghost


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“Myth?” about shock and death?


Dear Birds, I am Sorry.

Image by Our Hero
On behalf of all humans.

Question by Leon Clemens: “Myth?” about shock and death?
A medic buddy of mine told me last night that there is only two ways a person can die. Shock or disintegration. (Disintegration as in being nuked at ground zero.)

It really don’t sound right to me. Is there a doctor in the house who can clear this up for me? Thanks.

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Answer by Jack S
I don’t think there’s much of a shock factor in having your head chopped off before you know what’s happening. I could be wrong though.

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How to solve the problem with the game video output setting Ps3


the problem this game cannot play in a av cable or old tv, you need to have a hd tv and a cable of hdmi go to display setting; output setting select hdmi bef…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question about game downloads??? HELP!!!!?


Question by : Question about game downloads??? HELP!!!!?
I bought that ‘Left 4 Dead’ game for my PC. Once I download it to one PC, can I still download it to a totally different PC?? I once heard you couldn’t download the games more than once. Is this true??

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Answer by Greg
I’m assuming you got it on Steam right? You can download any steam game you purchased on any PC that you log into steam on. You can download Steam games as many times as you like.

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internet gaming. speeds and hardware?


the unique NeGcon controller
game hardware

Image by blakespot

Question by SHANK: internet gaming. speeds and hardware?
i have a number of systems that use wifi. two laptops, a number of ipods/iphones that are constantly using wifi two ps3 that we try to play online at the same time but have trouble doing so, a wii and an xbox 360. my main concern is being able to play both playstations while the laptops and Iphone are connected as well. i have decent internet at the moment but my hardware is a bit outdated as far as modems and whatnot im trying to set up my gaming room for flawless online gaming what speeds and hardware should i look into? not too concerned with prices for hardware, and what other things should i be looking for? i read a post about looking into download capping and ping, so if anyone could enlighten me there too would be great. thank you for your help!

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Answer by j s
okay what you need to know is
for gaming (just about gaming now, not downloading games or patches or streaming movies or such)
you need a good ping
what decides that the most is your ISP, how good ping you get from thier internet (depends ushally mostly on where you live, if its the middle of no where or in the middle of a city)
and ofc where the game server is located
ping as you may know is the time it takes your device to say “hello?” till the server responds ” hi!”
and ofc that should be as little time as possible, as low ping as possible
after that, comes the speed
gaming uses very low bandwidth ( i ushally use 10-20KB/s when i play games and talk on skype at the same time, so it uses very little) so the speed itself is not much to worry about

but ofc more devices and computers and such = harder work for the router
wireless, is ofc something you do NOT want for gaming, it is horse crap basicly, adds ping that shouldnt be added at all in exchange for the simpleness of having no cable
so get a cable and connect everything you wanna play games on with good ping with cables (may not be avidable for phones and handheld devices like that thu)

D-Link DIR-655, a good old favorite around the forums here in sweden
fast and always works, far as i read atleast.
Netgear WNDR3700 also seems rather popular

ofc, if you want the best you can get without paying tons of cash the best is ofc a old computer with some extra network cards turned in to a router wiith the help of pfSense
it ofc aint exactly easy but if you got a old computer just standing around, mby worth a try atleast? hard to beat that without buying something extremly high end (even if its a very old computer)

but ofcn o matter how you do, if you want to play without lagg the net shouldnt be used at the same time for downloading or streaming or things like that (even less uploading) as it increase the ping. it may increase by a lot or just a little but either way not something you want
just browsing the web is fine at the same time of, so is playing games on another device but nothing heavy

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downloading PS games for PS3?


Question by bankai_sean: downloading PS games for PS3?
Is there anyway to download PS games to PS3 for free

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Answer by patriotsfan
yes, but im not giving u the site its illegal

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Q&A: psp game downloads without downgrading?

Question by Sammy V: psp game downloads without downgrading?
Is it possible to download psp games without downgrading. Every method I try in the end it says i need to downgrade or have a custom firmware.

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Answer by NycGurL92
You can download psp games on your psp by using Playstation store,but you will have to buy it its not free with a credit card.

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Websites to download games….?!!?!?


Question by bournvita_95: Websites to download games….?!!?!?
Hey!…can anyone tell me good sites to download some action related games..?!

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Answer by ♥♥.!!
Hope U Enjoy It !

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